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Cyprus Property Fees Calculator

Welcome to our easy-to-use Property Fees Calculator, crafted by Galbo Consulting to assist you in estimating the costs associated with purchasing property in Cyprus. This tool is designed to provide you with a quick and clear understanding of potential expenses, including VAT, transfer fees, and stamp duty.


Quick Guide to Using the Calculator:

  1. Enter the Purchase Price: Input the value of the property you're interested in.

  2. VAT Applicability: Select whether VAT is applicable to your property purchase.

  3. Joint Ownership: Choose this option if the property is being purchased in joint names, which can affect the calculation of transfer fees.

  4. Calculate: Click the button to receive an instant breakdown of your estimated costs.


With Galbo Consulting's Property Fees Calculator, you can make informed decisions about your property investments with ease and confidence.

  • Any fee calculated by this calculator is to be considered an estimate. Actual fees might vary based on other factors not taken into account by this calculator.

  • Properties not subject to VAT: Eligible for a 50% reduction in transfer fees.

  • Where VAT is applicable: no transfer fees.

  • Purchasing in joint names will lead to a discount.

  • VAT applies to new property purchases in Cyprus, with a standard rate of 19%. A reduced VAT rate of 5% is available for primary residences under specific conditions.

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