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01. Real Estate Consulting

Real Estate Consulting

Navigating the intricacies of real estate in Cyprus can be challenging. At Galbo Consulting, we simplify the process, offering expert guidance every step of the way. Whether you're purchasing property or seeking assistance with applications, our team is here to ensure a seamless experience.

Our Services Outlined:

1. Comprehensive Real Estate Purchase Support:
From the drafting of the initial reservation agreement to the final sale agreement, we provide continuous support throughout the purchase process. This includes a dedicated face-to-face meeting at the land registry, preparation of Power of Attorney (POA) for any required purpose, inspection of title deeds, and essential consultations as needed throughout the process.

2. Application Assistance for Non-EU Passport Holders:
For non-EU nationals looking to purchase property in Cyprus, obtaining the Alien's permit for the purpose of purchasing a property is a mandatory step. This permit is essential before transferring a property into their name and/or receiving financing in Cyprus. We facilitate the Alien's permit application process, ensuring that non-EU nationals navigate the complexities of the Cypriot application process with ease.

3. Agreement Lodgment:
Efficient lodgment of your agreement in Limassol and other Cypriot cities, ensuring all legal protocols are followed.

4. Loan Application Consultation:
Navigating the loan application process can be daunting. With our guidance, you'll receive expert advice on the best loan options, understand the terms, and ensure all documentation is correctly prepared and submitted.


Languages Supported: Our dedicated team is proficient in English, Hebrew, and Greek, ensuring clear communication throughout your journey.

Our Pricing Structure:

1. Comprehensive Real Estate Purchase Support:
Price: 1% of the purchase price + VAT
Additional Purchaser Fee: For any additional purchaser involved in the transaction, a fee of 150€ + VAT will be charged.


2. Alien's Permit Application Assistance for Non-EU Passport Holders:
Price: 650€ + VAT


3. Agreement Lodgment:
In Limassol:

Price: 75€ + VAT
Other Charges: 50€ disbursement
Other Cypriot Cities:
Price: 175€ + VAT


Additional Fees: 50€ disbursement, 20€ travel expenses


4. Loan Application Consultation:
Price: 0.25% of the loan amount + VAT, with a minimum of 750€

5. Application for VAT Reduction:

  • Price: 700€ + VAT + Disbursements

  • Details: We offer specialized services for applying for VAT reduction in applicable cases, ensuring that you benefit from potential savings.


Please Note: All government-related fees, such as stamp duty, transfer fees, translation charges, and other associated costs, are not included in our listed prices.

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